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im going to buy a new pc without any software on it, can i use my old xp disc on the new pc
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  1. In a word.... Maybe.

    Just a couple requirements.

    #1, Your old computer must be either destroyed or at minimum have it's Windows Operating System wiped off clean so it no longer exist on that machine as the license is for one machine only.

    #2, The CD must not be a system dependent disk, that is to say a disk that will only work in the machine it was supplied with.

    #3, If conditions #1 & #2 are met, you need the CD Key number associated with that disk to perform a clean install.

    To check the version of the CD you have, and check it's ability to be used successfully in your situation, you should read all my post in this thread:
  2. According to the MS license terms, you can if it is not an OEM copy, and it is not installed (in use) on another computer.
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