Overclocking my system

hey,im running a e6320 and 2 x ddr2 800 Mhz rams

whats is the best 1:1 ratio that i should set my dram frequency at?

i've currently OCed my fsb to 380 but i cant go any higher,it will fail to boot...

my speedfan measurement is 1.3Vcore

and i set my Vcore at 1.35(by BIOS with latest update)

the rest of stuffs i set to auto except Spread Spectrum disabled

do i need to manually set my dram frequency to which?

any other things i must set to?

i appreciate anyone who can help thanks
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  1. set your dram frequency to 380Mhz x2.
  2. complet spec ? mobo ? ram ? PSU ?
  3. hey thanks for the reply...

    i have set my dram frequency to dram 380Mhz x 2(760Mhz)

    i can push this cpu to 400 fsb now and its working fine with 1:1 Fsb Dram ratio

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