AMD Gaining Ground Vs Intel, Nvidia - Analyst

Intel and Nvidia losing ground....Not looking good for them. AMD are the Masters!


Article Quotes:

SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- An analyst said Friday that Advanced Micro Devices Inc., the struggling chip giant, appeared to be gaining some ground on rivals Intel Corp. and Nvidia Corp

The report boosted AMD shares, which rose 0.9% to close at $5.81

In a research note, Berger said AMD's products appear to be "gaining traction" and the company has seen "increasing yields and shipments on triple- and quad-core products," which has led to "a small bit of momentum shifts back from Intel"

Berger also noted that AMD is "clearly gaining market share in graphics chips from Nvidia

AMD bouncing Back! Intel must be Worried!

AMD guiding the Moral path!

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  1. I have nothing against AMD, I have had many in the past. But, those quotes are cherry picking. Intel is still a much better bang for buck cpu right now.

    The latest steps from phenom are much better and are very good cpus, but many dual cores still out perform the phenoms.

    AMD/ATI is definitely making ground in the GPU market.

    Give it another year. If AMD can handle the impact of the nehalem and come out with a competative chip, then AMD will be fine.
  2. ummm... ok. That's just someone's opinion, and the change in stock prices is well within normal day to day variance.

  3. LOL, finally those superintelligent analysts noticed that everybody buys HD 4850 cards these days. They must have 14-year old kids who told them. Or maybe they finally took a look at 5 random threads in our forum and noticed that 4 of them end with an HD 4850.

    I think you're way too excited over a 0.9% raise in the stock price. Especially with a stock like AMD that goes up or down 5% almost every day. Stay calm and you'll live longer :)

    What the heck is the "Moral path"? Why does it need to be guided? What does it have to do with CPUs and GPUs???
  4. Why only quote 1/2 the article?
    Here's the 2nd part:
    However, Berger also noted AMD's ongoing financial problems, which analysts said would be eased by the company's stated goal to make major changes in its manufacturing operations, in a plan dubbed "asset lite."
    Analysts have speculated that AMD plans turn more of its manufacturing operations to contractors in a bid to cut cost, although the company has yet to release details of the strategy.
    "'Asset lite' is still of greatest importance in order to avoid a dilutive capital raise, though deal specifics remain challenging," Berger wrote. "Stepping back from the very near term, getting its 'asset-lite' deal done is of paramount importance in order for AMD to avoid raising additional capital and diluting current shareholders."
    "AMD could be facing another cash crunch in coming quarters as it has taken on $5 billion of debt and burned through a lot of cash," he wrote.

    If you want to quote an article, don't just highlight the "warm and fuzzy" parts.
  5. 50bmg said:
    I have nothing against AMD, I have had many in the past. But, those quotes are cherry picking. Intel is still a much better bang for buck cpu right now.

    I highly disagree. They have the higher end CPU's, but they really can't compete with AMD in the bang-for-buck ratio. And if I'm not mistaken, I saw an article that flew across Toms that said something upon the lines of that Christmas 09 is when Nehalem will be easy to get a hold of. If that is in fact true, AMD could have extra time to either improve their CPUs or just get them out before Intel.
  6. ^Um Q6600 and Phenom 9850 are the same price. But a Q6600 OCs better and performs better in most scenarios. SO if they are both about $200 dollars how does Intel not have a better price/performance ratio if the Q6600 performs better than a 9850?

    Sure you can throw in Athlon X2 but its a older arch and its performance is still not up to par with C2D and with no K10 based dual core currently to truly compete with C2D its not as easy to compare.

    And why is it going to take over a year for Nehalem to be easy to get a hold of when the desktop chips are planned for release in September/October 2008 and will probably have the full market in late 2008/early 2009?

    As for the OP, AMDs ATI division is doing great but CPU division is still roughing it. I don't like to take analysts opinions because last time when Phenom just came out they were talking about how great AMD was doing and so on. I guess they were wrong.
  7. Well it's easy for AMD to gain a "small bit of momentum"....when they've lost so much already.
  8. look i like the 4800 card it's a good card (ATI CARD)
    they were good on & off before AMD consumed them
    but that do not change the fact amd can't compete
    with any intel cpu's ( in other words the most costly
    amd phenom cpu can't beat the cheapest intel Q6600
  9. I would say AMD is gaining momentum against Nvidia, but not so much against Intel. AMD simply is outclassed, even in inexpensive, bang for the buck type systems, now that the E7200 is at $120. You can also get an E2220 for $89 (it's labeled as a Pentium, but it has an Allendale core), or an E1400 for $60 (another Allendale).

    Of course, I'm still hoping for them to come out with something really good.
  10. I saw the headline of this post on the front page and man was I hoping it was posted by Thundy. I needed some end of week humor.
    So let's see..., as of close of market today, 08/22/2008:

    Intel: $23.49 per share, up 1.91%, volume: 45,352,570

    AMD: $5.81 per share, up .87%, volume: 17,000,999

    Intel's 52 week low of $18.05 was back in January of this year, their stock right now is 33% higher than is was then. (52 week high $27.99)

    AMD's 52 week low was $4.05, August 1st, and AMD stock right now is 30% higher than it was then. (52 week high $14.72)

    They're going to have to sell a helluva lot more 48XX cards.

    And Thundy, "AMD guiding the Moral path!", it might just be easier to type your nonsense into google translator in your native language and then cut and paste the English output here. Just trying to help.
  11. good news is thundy and all his boys still figure amd leading in something.
    everybody but them no there not leading in nothing but gpu's here's to wishing amd fanbios.
  12. You know someone is grasping for straws when they highlight a 0.9% increase in the stock price as 'good news'. Many shares fluctuate that much (or more) within the same trading day.
  13. Save AMD ... buy a 4850 or a 4870 graphics card right now !!!

    Can we talk about good cheescake now??
  14. Admittedly AMD does have the PLATFORM advantage over Intel while nVidia still has the mind share as the DX card of choice. 4000 will bring some share back, but nVidia still pretty much owns AMD chipset sales. Not having a QPI license would be worse.
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