Is 1100W enough

So the time has come for me to build my second computer, the first one I built back on 2005 is just too outdated. I have a concern though. Basically here are what the power demands are going to be on it:

2 x 90mm case fans
2 x 120mm case fans

Optical Drives
Blu-ray Burner

Hard Drives
74gb 10,000 rpm Raptor Drive
2 x 250gb 7,200 rpm Barracudas (Raid 0)


4 x 2GB DDR2 800 sticks

3 x 8800GT Superclocked 512mb 256bit (tri-sli)
edit: correction, make that 9800GTX's :)

On my first computer I had a fairly similar setup but with dual 6800 ultras (back when sli was still kind of new) and a single core amd fx-55, and I had to send my 500w psu back for a 700w because it kept dying when I tried to play any games. I would like to get an ABS Tagan 1100w ( but I am almost worried that even 1100w might not be enough. It's $299 after the rebate and I know for that price I can get more wattage or the same wattage for close to $200, but I would like to use the modular system to keep my case clean.....and cmon, I'm a gamer and it looks nice in my rig :)

So that's question 1: will 1100w keep this system goin?

2nd question: This is just for my own personal knowledge, but what happens if you need more than 1300w? Pretend you're building a horrendous NASA competitive gaming rig that has 4x8800gtx's and 2xoptical drives and 5 x hard drives etc etc...what exactly do you do when one psu isn't enough? I know its a purely hypothetical question since I can't think of anything that would fully utilize that much power, but is it possible to use multiple psu's?

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  1. You could run 6 cards on that beast :lol:
  2. Its possible to use multiple PSUs, but you can't run 3 8800 GT's in SLI anyways, only 2.
  3. With the way the 4870 performs, why not go Crossfire instead and save yourself the potential troubles of nVidia motherboards?

    What resolution will you be gaming at? (LCD Size)

    And how soon are you hoping to build? The 4870x2 will be out soon and will further lower prices in general as most people are expecting it to perform extremely well for ~$450.

    Regardless, for any card's power requirement, your best bet is to check out reviews and wattage used from SEVERAL sources/sites to get a good idea of what the card requires under load and SLI/Crossfire if the review has the info for that.
  4. beelzbub said:

    3 x 8800GT Superclocked 512mb 256bit (tri-sli)
    How do you intend to use the 8800GT in Tri-Sli?
    Compare the SLI connector on the 8800GT with the SLI connectors on the 9800GTX/8800GTX or better cards.

    Your total power draw for all your parts (with 3x 9800GTX in tri-SLI) will still be under 700watts.

    The Lian Li G70B Case has spaces for two PSUs:
  5. Ah, good catch Boar. Was confused by your post at first then I realized that only the ultra's and GTX's can be put in tri-sli. Will have to upgrade to 9800GTX's. Thanks for the quick reply randomizer....6 cards you say hmmm....I MUST FIND A WAY TO MAKE IT WORK.

    Also as far as the case goes...I'm a little bit worried about how hot those 3 cards are going to get running so close together. I was planning on using this Thermaltake Armor case but am curious if someone has a better suggestion. I don't plan on overclocking the cards and I would like to avoid using any aftermarket cooling systems other than case fans.
  6. you can have 2 psu on one computer, a friend at school has two of them for his skulltrail setup but heres what a quick search turned up.
    hope that helps, and yeh opt out of 3 gfx cards for say...
    two 9800x2 to save room and def reduce heat (you DO have water cooling eh?)

    and i always use a PSU calc to give me a round estimate, try this one
  7. hey beelzbub, why are you going with the 9800GTX when the Ati 4850 offer the same performance or a little bit better with more advance tech? Such as 55nm, DirectX 10.1 and 800 Stream Processor! (9800GTX+ is 55nm but its not out yet and it will cost more)
  8. 9800GTX+ will cost $200. Go check news.
  9. Are you certain you want to go nVidia

    3 9800gtx + will probably lose to 2 4870s.
    Thats just my guess no proof...but im pretty sure i will be right.
  10. 4870 in CF kicks butt. Nuff said. I really want one now..
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