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Hello everyone;

I have a compact desktop PC and an IDE hard drive with 4-pin power cable. My problem is that my PC ONLY has SATA Signal cable and power cables.

So...How am I going to connect it to this compact PC? I believe there are IDE - SATA converters around but how am I going to handle the power problem?

PC "only" has sata power, and HardDrive I want to connect has 4-pin cable.

Thanks in advance, I'm really lost with all these converters.
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  1. SATA is IDE too, you mean PATA or Parallel ATA.

    I've never seen a power supply that has no 4-pin Molex connectors; are you sure it only has SATA power connectors? What kind of power supply do you have?

    Generally its a bit strange to have a new/special PC with an old PATA drive; if its compact you should use 2.5" SATA notebook HDDs or even SSDs. But you can ofcourse buy a SATA power -> Molex adapter, though they are not that common.
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