Internet connecting sharing problem

Hi all

I searched everywhere but couldn't find anything that could help me..

Here is my Problem:

I have 2 computer 1 mini mac and the other is an old Acer laptop that run Windows XP with Sp3.

The Cable's modem is connected to Acer's wired network card and it can dial to the internet and can suft to any where I want.

I shared the Dialer using ICS and there is this little hand on the dialer. I created an ad hoc connection using the wireless card (Linksys WPC54) and the airport card on the Mac computer. But I can't surf to anywhere. just a few sites. and even can't enter to my Yahoo messenger account or Windows Live Messenger.

Things that I tried to do:

1. Ping to the ICS computer and back. Perfect connection..
2. Disabled the firewall on the Windows computer (Well that is it. there isn't any antivirus or firewall that runs on this computer)
3. Ping outside to a my ISP's and another ISPS's servers. And I get replays. I also changed the dns to every dns that there is in my area. When I am trying to ping them I got replay.
4. Checked for proxy but nothing. It set on direct access. Tried Safari and Firefox. Both can enter only a few sites. a site that I can enter in the Acer computer . Cnn, New York Times and even Every site is working on the Acer laptop. But in the mac nothing.

So I thought maybe there is something wrong with the mac. So I took a friend's computer that runs Windows xp. On his wireless network everything is working great. When I am connecting it to the Acer computer it's not working only to a few sites like the mac.

So I am sure it has something to do with Acer. But I don't know.

I searched Google but nothing.

I hope that you could help me..

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  1. Just get a wireless router and quit beating your head against the wall trying to get ICS to work.

  2. This is what I am doing tomorrow...

    But I thought maybe there is a little bug that people know about.

    Everything is great. Dns gets resolved but it don't get reply.

    Any way if there is other suggestions it will be great.

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