as we know AMD released AMD fusion to overcloking with easily. but AMD fusion just suported in chipset 790G with ATI radeon GPU card.
My probles : i want to install AMD fusion but my GPU is Nvidia so can I find another software like AMD fusion and overcloking GPU with Nvidia to tune up???
in Nvidia has N-tune software to tune up Nvidia card but the new version in xp must be XP 64bits.
can I find n-tune new version with supported in xp 32bits???
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  1. IIRC, AMD Fusion is a software that can also overclock your CPU if you have a AMD chipset. If your wanting to overclock a video card jsut use something like RivaTuner or ATITool
  2. Don't use Ntune. As stated use Rivatuner or you can also use EVGA Precision, this will work on just about any Nvidia based video card. I've used this on XP, Vista 32/64 and even win7 64 RC. It was designed from Riva Tuner, so the interface is similar, but it has less bells and whistle, ideal for simple easy overclocks.
  3. use ntune for the card and overdrive for everything else
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