SATA-300 HD not detected by BIOS... Help guys!

Hey there, I just put together a new computer and everything is working properly except the hard drive isn't detected in the BIOS...

I am using these parts:

EVGA nForce 790i Ultra SLI Motherboard - NVIDIA nForce 790i Ultra SLI, Socket 775, ATX, Audio, PCI Express 2.0, SLI Ready, S/PDIF, USB 2.0, Firewire, eSATA, RAID

Hard Drive
Western Digital WD1001FALS Caviar Black Hard Drive - 1TB, 7200 RPM, 32MB, SATA-300

Lite-On IHAS124-04 Internal DVD Writer - DVD+R 24X, DVD-R 24X, DVD+RW 8X, DVD-RW 6X, DVD+R DL 8X, SATA (OEM)

I don't understand what the problem is... The SATA DVD burner is detected no problem in multiple SATA channels, but the SATA hard drive does not appear when I connect it to any of them.

I have tried:
- using a different SATA cable
- tried different SATA channels on my motherboard
- tried different power cables, ensured they were connected properly

If you would like any more information that might be relevant I would be glad to supply it.

Could this be a faulty hard drive issue? Any ideas? Help is appreciated!
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    Do you have another drive to test in the computer and another computer to test the drive in?
    Can you hear the drive spin up at boot?
  2. Only other SATA drive I have is the one with the OS on it that I'm using right now to post here, which is 6 or more years old. I'm assuming it's an earlier version of SATA... would this still work for testing?

    Don't think the drive is making any noise.
  3. Yes. This is just to verify that the comp can see the drive on the cable. You don't need to load windows, just get into the bios.
  4. sturm...

    I just hooked up my other Western Digital SATA drive from this machine and it was detected right away...
  5. I have a feeling this thing is dead... =/
  6. Check if the bios version of the motherboard supports 1tbyte drives. You can also use a jumper to set the drive to SATA 150
  7. I'd say you may need to set the jumper on the drive to make SATA 150 compatible.
    Either that or you have simply gotten unlucky and bought a bad drive.
    Your BIOS should detect it fine, the drive being 1TB has nothing to do with it in your case.
  8. I'll give that a shot tonight. My motherboard should definitely support SATA-300 though... would almost be disappointing if it worked when switched to SATA-150.

    Thanks for your responses.
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