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Ok so I recently purchased the XFX 8800GTA Alpha dog edition and on arrival I noticed that they did not include a 6-pin molex converter in the box, which I need since I own an ATX power supply that does not have one built in. Instead what my PSU has are 2x 12v outputs rated at 20A/18A, which together can supply the 26A the card needs. However, what I would like to know is why didnt I get a converter? Is it something xfx doesn't supply purposely? And if so will purchasing a converter that takes 2x 4-pin molex and changes them into 1x 6-pin molex hurt the card or will the combined amperages support the power that the card needs. I can supply the PSU model number, specs, etc so if anyone could help me out I would appreciate it!
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  1. the converters will work just fine. you wont see any i problems IMO.
  2. Ok thanks and sorry for the spam it said I had an incorrect login then when I logged in there were 4 seperate posts >.< Anyone else know of some kind of problem that would arise or is resort correct?
  3. So we'll leave this open for people to reply in, deleting the others....
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