Hp Proliant Ml310 G3 server HDD

I need some help on the configuring this server for 4 drives. I want to utilize this server as storage space for my home. I got this server from work and i want to use it at home. it has 4 bay drives. what i am trying to find out is i want to fill those bays with 500gb sata drives, will the server support the 3.5gbs speed because the existing drive in their is 1.5gbs speed transfer, if i do 4 500 gb drives can i set it up so that it will be 2tb of storage on one logical drive such as C:\ ?? it says on hps site that it only has raid 0 or 1 will i have to use raid 5?
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  1. Sorry for the dumb question, but aren't any of your questions answered on the server's manual?
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