Puzzling Motherboard Temp Reading Spikes On P5E Deluxe

I've been using core temp v0.99.2, Everest v4.60.1500, and Asus PC Probe v1.04.49 to check temperature readings on my P5E Deluxe. Im running Bios 205.

I'm not sure exactly what causes it, though I've seen it happen immediately upon closing one of the monitoring programs. The temperature reading for the Motherboard jumps up to a whopping 145 Degrees Celsius.

I don't believe the temperature reading for a moment, because when it happens the reading makes a 110 Degree C jump absolutely instantly. It stays this way till I restart the machine.

Any ideas what could be causing the instant jump in temperature reading? Could it be from using more than one monitoring program at the same time?
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  1. Are your push pins fully seated?
    Checked the back of the motherbaord?
    Did you apply thermal grease according to the Arctic Silver method?
    Use RealTemp for temperatures.
  2. The cpu temps are fine, im using a zalman 9700, no pushpins. OCZ Freeze applied and Core Temps are 30 C at idle and 40C with all four cores on my q6600 fully loaded.

    The motherboard temp reading is what spikes. It seems to happen after closing one of the temp monitoring programs. The reading in the other program will jump up to 145 C. It does this instantly, a 110 C jump.

    After it occurs, PC Probe reads the Motherboard temp at 145C, but the reading in Everest for Motherboard and Aux simply disappear from the list.

    Completely boggled.
  3. I wouldn't trust PC Probe too much.
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