Intel core i3 processor.

Is windows xp can be installed in core i3 processor? If so how?
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  1. Yes,
    follow the steps have enter your boot setup and set your first boot device as CD-DVD rom then second boot device as harddisk. This option is in Advanced boot setup or boot menu,some system can directly enter to boot set up by pressing f10 or f12 or something starts like this. windows xp cd restart your computer. a window will appear and showing like this
    "press any key to boot from cd rom..."
    press any key. a blue window will appear showing the files which loading.
    5.if your motherboard support sata and raid0, then you must disable it first or install the driver as described in motherboard manual.
    6. After doing disk partition and windows will copy several files and restarts. Now the same old window appears to press a key to boot from cd, now do not press any key. After this windows xp will automatically. You may prompt to give the product key and your time zone. Good luck:)
  2. The processor has 0 bearing on how you install XP, you need to make sure you have XP drivers for the rest of your hardware.
  3. Ummm... I was gonna say that the only operating system that can be "installed on an Intel i3" is DOS for laughs... but I guess someone already gave you a serious answer.
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