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what is the best software to convert speeches in .wave/.mp3 files in CDs/DVDs to Text format?
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  1. Dragon, but I don't think it will do an automatic convertion. You'd need to play the audio file and then have the program transcribe it using a microphone.
  2. After searching for the best converter for YouTube into MP3, I have found this tool. Maybe its good to share this one. I have here a tool that converts YouTube music into MP3. YouTube To MP3 Converter is the best tool as I am searching for the best converter on internet. Its cheap because it 100% free. Also, the instruction is easy. Just paste the URL of the chosen music video and in just a couple of minutes, it will be converted.
  3. Normally we can convert it using MAX software but if the audio is not good enough its a big problem in that software..

    But i used to Convert audio to text, audio to text transcribing in transcritpionstar ( company. hey are putting some $60 to $80 in nature..

    What do u do in these both option?
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