WD Black 640GB

Can someone tell me why my drive only scores a 5.9 with Windows & experience?

I thought this drive was fast?
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  1. That IS fast for a mechanical drive. I have a WD 640 GB Black as well... and guess what I score i Windows 7's disk test... yep, 5.9.

    Get you a crazy fast SSD or a Raptor if you want to go higher.
  2. Raptors actually don't score as well as you'd think.

    I'm getting a 5.3 with them.
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    @ Chicago30

    Don rely too much on Windows rating on your drive dude and don't even feel bad
    about it. Windows based its ratings and tests on an SSD as reference, MEANING?..
    The score you have is the score when it was compared on an SSD with the same
    hardware specs ( though not exactly but pretty much similar) as you have and
    Windows has it in its database saved somewhere inside your windows
    installation that windows it self only knows. So whenever you perform a test
    Windows has something to show us (as a Score) based on the tests you performed
    and compare it to its reference data (in this case, a hard drive).

    IMO, that is not fair scoring means as far as 7,200 rpm hard drives performance is
    concerned. To see what i mean, if you could borrow from a friend of yours an SSD
    and install windows there (the version you currenlty use) and perform the same
    test you did on your WD drive, the ratings (scores) you'll just see is the same as
    those other high scores using SSD as their drive, that means in order to get really
    high scores from Windows test buy an SSD instead.
    BUT as i said dont even feel bad about it because a 5.9 hard drive score is
    pretty high dude believe me. Most ive seen is scoring just around 4.x something
    to 5.3.

    -- You should be proud of your WD Caviar Black hard drive because, truly it is
    one of the World's most fastest 7,200 rpm hard drive available today and you can
    use it for your applications and play demanding games that will load
    much faster, cache much faster and seek much faster and it will really give you
    better computing experience in general as compared to using other regular
    7,200 rpm hard drives.
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