How to partition my new Hard Drives during installlation of Window7??

I have a new Hard drives 500GB. Before install the new window 7 into my computer, 1st i need to Partition my hard disk during the installation of window 7.

It shows Drive Option which allow me to partition but i dont know how to set my partition into three parts.

Let say, i want to partition My drive:C is 150gb, Drive:D is 150gb and drive:e is 200gb.

ANyone could help me what is the procedures need to be done :sweat:
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  1. Go ahead and install Win7 and use the built in partition editor to build your other partitions.

    Follow this guide.
  2. This site u gave me is "after the installation of window7" rite??
    Im referrring to , this one --->refer to the partition part.
    Thanks for your help anyway TheViper :)
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    The point is, the Win 7 installer will not create all the partitions you want at the very beginning of the process. It will only create ONE partition in which it installs itself. So you set that one up to the size you want and do your installation. AFTER Win 7 is working, you can use its Disk Manager tool to create and Format the remaining Partitions you want out of the Unallocated Space on the drive.
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