What product can I get to use 4 bays of 3.5" disks two are RAID 1 the other two

I will use a new Macbook and wish to keep all data in one 4-bay enclosure connected with Firwire (wish I could use eSATA but FW seems to be the only option on a macbook). Now, drive 1 and 2 I wish to use RAID1 mirror, but the other two I want free (JBOD) to use and pull out or replace as I wish. Is there an enclosure that is inexpensive and has a fan (I live in Bangkok now) that I can trust? There are so many products. None say I can or can't do this in the product descriptions. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. JBOD is something else than plain disks. JBODs won't work if the array is separated; it has the same characteristics as RAID0 except for the speed benefit.

    You don't need a fan if you chose a low-power drive, like notebook drives or WD Green drives, which use less than 4W idle.

    Any concrete product would be unhelpful, as it depends what is available in your local area.
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