Hd 4850 connect to 52" tv via hdmi ?

Hey I just recently purchased a hd 4850 and I know that it has a hdmi plug, I want to hook it up to my tv in my living room which is about 40" ish away from my pc. I want to know if its possible to watch my bluray videos through my pc to my tv in my living room. The tv has hdmi ports so I'm assuming that it will work. I read there are wireless streamers that can let you watch videos in your computer through the tv, I heard that it cost 200$-300$ so I'm just wondering what are the most cost effective way to connect my computer to the tv in my living room so I can watch my bluray and other hd videos on my 52"tv.
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  1. I'm assuming you mean 40 feet, not 40 inches.

    I'd just run a wire, honestly. That is a fairly long distance to run a cable, and you'll want a decent quality cable to avoid signal degradation, but it will still be higher quality and cheaper than the wireless. This should work fine. I guess if you really wanted to blow $200, you could get a Monster HDMI cable, but realistically, I doubt you'd notice much difference.
  2. Hmm yes I did mean 40 feet, so running a 40ft won't have signal loss if you have a decent hdmi cable? If the 65$ works I'll be happy. The less money I have to spend the more high def media I can buy :)
  3. I doubt there would be any degradation at that length in that cable. If you're worried though, here is a slightly higher quality cable that definitely wouldn't degrade the signal, and is still cheaper than the wireless.
  4. I wouldn't be surprised if you see signal loss at that length with a cheap cable.

    15ft is fine, 50ft you're likely to get alot of sparkles unless you use at least a mid-range quality cable.

    Really at that distance you're more likely blowing $100 on cheap cable rather than making a better quality purchase more worthwhile.

    IMO either get a repeater or else better quality cable, that Monster 400 series isn't that expensive really.
    BTW, most wireless senders don't support solid 1080P the ones that do are much more expensive than $300.

    I don't like shopping cheap, but even limited to Amazon, I would prefer this over the GE stuff even just based on the look of the gauge of wiring used;

    Personally I'd want a great return policy just in case these no-name stuff sucks.
  5. Very true. The best advice that I've seen about it is try the cheap stuff first, in case it works, but make sure it does have a good return policy.
  6. Yeah for most things under 15ft, I wouldn't even care no-name or not, but for longer length it can be an issue. Ihad a problem with a 25ft cable from a no/low-name brand AZIO to hook my laptop up to the TV at work and home, and it was terribly noisey and always dropping signal , then I switched to 30ft Belkin (which is still cheaper than monster et al but obviously solid), and voila no problems.
    For short lengths most people use 3-9ft, I doubt you would ever experience a difference, but for something 50ft, yeah a return policy is a must IMO.

    BTW, my cheapest and favourite HDMI cable (sits in my laptop bag, and I also have the Belkin, 2 Phillips, and a Startech 3ft) is the 9ft Sony PS3 one (I don't know if it was made by Sony or Intertec or someone [long since disposed of the box]) nice fabric wrapped shething, very thick, and good gold plated connectors with good solid moulded grips. I got from Blockbuster as part of a remodeling sale, regularly $39.99 IIRC (might have been $49.99, but not the $69.99 combo with Toslink, but same cable IIRC) but I got it for $5 new in box. :) It may not be as good as many other options, including the various levels of Monster, etc., but it works for me. The only thing I would prefer would be a flat cable model, as those offer low crosstalk in good small packages which would fit the laptop bag better for a 12 or 15+ft length.
  7. Thank you all for your helpful comments, guess I would try the cable with return policy so I can see how good it is and decide from there if I should get better cables or not. Hopefully I can enjoy watching my high def media on my 52" tv :)
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