Tyan K8SRE (S2891) PCI-express vid card not possible?

Hey guys and gals

I just purchased the tyan k8sre motherboard and I was wondering if there is any Pci express video card's I slap in this board. I tried putting a EVGA 9600 gt but what I found out is the 1X slot sits very close to the 16x's slot and there is no way I can get any pci-express cards to fit in the slot. I tried calling tyan tech support but the guy didn't know what he was talking about he kept on telling that this board is meant be a "server" and that the pci-express slot is not made for video cards??? I was like well if that's that case then when would the latest bios update have "Added PCIe and embedded VGA option so that if there is a PCI-E VGA card present you can still choose to boot from embedded VGA." So after 10 mins on the phone with this guy I decided to give up. Any anyone can give a noob some advise this would be greatly appreciated...

BTW here is the link to the board if anyone needs it

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  1. I dont understand your problem, there doesnt seem to be a PCI-e 1x slot on the board at all. Why cant you just use the onboard option?

    My modded PCI-e slot might help you, but i dont think id want to do that to a Tyan server board lol.
  2. anyone can give a noob some advise this would be greatly appreciated...

    well first if your building a gaming PC buy parts that are actully ment for gaming and not for other kinds of computer like umm...... i don`t know Servers!
  3. I'm not well today but i seen this on the specs sheet maybe this helps

    * NOTE: Use of PCIe x16 riser is necessary for installation of PCIe x16 add-on cards! See this matrix for details: Tyan Riser Card Matrix
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