Need help on very strange CPU problem

Lately i've been earing some strange noise coming from the cpu cooler, if i would touch it and force it to slowdown, it would stop that strange noise.

Then i found out why the cooler reached those high speeds, provoking the strange noise, was beacause the cpu was reporting a stupid temp of 120+ degrees celsius.

The cores and sys temps are always around 40º to 50º, but cpu reported 120º, other time 150º.

When i reboot the machine, it drops imediatly to the normal tmp value.

So, what is making this temp on the cpu?
is it really at this temp or is this some kind of bug only?
is it the mb or cpu causing this?
how do i fix this?

Zalman Cooler

Thanks in advance
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  1. Make sure the cooler is properly installed... make sure you have good thermal paste...

    Which app are you using?
  2. Do you have the HS layered with dust/cobwebs/pet hairs?
    They need to be cleaned every now and then. I use a pipe cleaner and a 1" paintbrush to clean first before a short blast of canned air.
  3. Sometimes when you run more the one app (in windows) that reads temperatures, it may screw up.

    Try the same thing you were doing, but in the bios. You said the CPU temp was reading 120C. That would have to be the Tcase sensor, which the bios uses, and that the core readings are on a different sensor, on the tjuction.
  4. It isn't nothing to do with bad assembly or bad cleaning conditions, this is a 1 month old system, which was working fine.

    I did an update to the P5Q bios, lets see if it fixes anything, and i enabled the C1 state thing on the cpu settings, i don't like seeing it constantly changing frequency, but i'll have to use it just to test.

    The damn cooler is annoying me, cause above 1200RPM it starts a damn irritating noise, like something vibrating, from what i can see, it's something inside the fan.
  5. I have had a similar problem with my motherboard. I was specifically using "Everest" to monitor temps under load. For me, it turned out to be a problem with Everest. No other heat monitoring software caused the problem for me. Ever.

    The Cores would always show at normal temps, but the "CPU" would show extremely high temps. I even went as far as contacting XFX about it thinking my BIOS or mobo had a bug in it. Basically all they did was accuse me of altering the voltage settings on the motherboard. Even though I kept telling them this occured while everything was at default settings & stock speeds.

    I stopped using Everest, and haven't had this problem.

    It did appear to be related directly to the motherboard's reading of the Tcase, where as the CPU Cores are read directly.

    If you're having the same problem I am, it is imaginary. If your CPU was really at 120 to 150 C it would be toast. To to mention you could feel the fan (if case is open) and it would probably be hotter than crap. Plus that Intel CPU would probably go into thermal mode and shut itself way down.
  6. Maybe a faulty fan on the HS?
  7. temp reading says 120C, so i think it is your bios has the problem as it detects wrong reading. I suggest to disable fan control in the bios make it manual instead.
  8. Strange noise,???,are you sure that no wires are touching the cooler?? if not then take it out and shake it gently and listen,and check the cooler itself for any loose parts etc..:>)
  9. dokk2 said:
    Strange noise,???,are you sure that no wires are touching the cooler?? if not then take it out and shake it gently and listen,and check the cooler itself for any loose parts etc..:>)

    I think it's some part inside it, i stopped it for a short while while pc was on, and moved the fans back and forward and they seemed to make the noise, i have to make a more deep test on it.

    The software i'm using is speedfan.

    This isn't software reading related, cause the fan reacts to cpu temp, and it boosts to max speed on those cases, so it's sensor related, not reading related.

    Since the bios update, the reported temp dropped from around 40ºC to 30ºC, don't know if it's a fix, or if it's because of the C1 thing i've enabled. (should i enable this forever?)

    I must add, that this problem isn't in load, i have the machine on for several days, just browsing and soft stuff, so i wasn't demanding much on the hardware.
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