ASUS P5QC Motherboard Heat Sinks get too Hot?

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How Hot Heat Sinks supposed to get? do they suppose to get Hot? According to the Probe II software that came with the motherboard it says is at 52 Celsius and when playing Games is up to 57 Celsius. Does anyone have a MOBO like this one?

Is the Sensor reading the Temperature of the Heat Sinks or the motherboard? I really need to know I'm worry. I have a Soprano Dx case with one 120mm fan and one CPU fan and the case inside doesn't feel that hot, only when i touch the Heat Sinks they feel really Hot.
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  1. I used to have a P5K vanilla that got to 47c in PC probe. It should be fine as long as you have the air flow there, and i wouldnt entirely trust PC Probe either.
  2. i have the same mobo, the AI SUITE reads 31 deg cpu and 33 deg on my system. i have 1-120x120mm outtake fan in the rear, 2-120x20mm intake at the front (top and bottom) i have also an exhaust fan beside my graphics card. All fan is 3000 rpm, and controlled by fan controller directly connected to PSU. Good circulation of air.
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