Nvidia mobile series 9 vs. series 8

Hello everybody,
Yesterday I finally decided to go and buy a new laptop, I wanted something cool for programming both 3d than web.

My ideal configuration was:

Processor T9300/9500
Ram 4GB
Gf. Card 8700gt mobile
Screen 17'' 1920x1200

A configuration similar would cost for me about 1300 euros. The friend that sells me pc told me to wait for a nvidia series 9x because there would have been (according to Nvidia's site) an increase of 90% regarding performances, Besides they would cost about 500-600 euros more than their old brothers.

I googled to find out something about benchmarks and so on but nothing came out, so I would like to know if I should wait to buy a Nvidia 9x or it's also a reasonable option a 8x.

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  1. 8700MGT is a midrange laptop card,if u dont want to game much,go for it.
  2. Maziar said:
    8700MGT is a midrange laptop card,if u dont want to game much,go for it.

    In Laptops, unless you are aiming for ungodly prices, the best you can get is a 8600GT or a HD3650. Luckily i found a Toshiba with 512 GDDR3 dedicated for my brother. Not bad, but even so, it wasn't a cheap laptop. Pretty good all around, but GPU side, i wished i could have found him better.

    Laptops take their sweet time updating, so if you are going to wait for a "revision" of the GPUs, i advice that you wait seated.
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