Every time that I atempt to sign on to AOL, my O.S. Windows XP crashes. I have tried uninstlling& reinstalling AOL but the problem persists.
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  1. security software preventing AOL from installing correctly?
    delete AOL first...restart.
    turn off firewall, antivirus, install AOL software, restart computer
    turn firewall antivirus back on.

    security software preventing AOL from signing on?
    multiple security software running in system?

    But, I would not run AOL in my computer, and do not recommend it.
  2. Thank you very much. I do not know whether the firewall is preventing AOL from installing correctly, but tonight I'll try your suggestion.

    Although I agree with you, we have had this e-mail for too long time and it not be easy to advise all our contacts if we change it.
  3. you just sign up for google mail or yahoo mail, send all your contacts an e mail w/ your new address. highly recommended, better security.
  4. aol.com can be used to check your e-mail, even if you no longer subscribe to the services.. last i checked 5+years ago..but any other service would be more secure!

    get your list of contacts up and copy/paste the crucial ones into a text file. so that you can paste the info into any contact info asked of you for a new service.. don't un-subscribe untill you are sure you have the info you need.

    un-install aol, if you have an isp in the first place there is no need to use aol at all..
  5. which reminds me, you can check and use AOL e mail without loading AOL software. That might be a better way, if all you want is e mail. A browser like firefox remembers the password.
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