Last Logical Drives Dissapear

Hello Everybody

I've bought this Sragate 500GB (Recognized as 465GB) HDD and moved everyhing into it. Here are my partitions all in NTFS:

Primary (101MB) - NTFS - Created during Win7 setup - I'll delete when I'm ready to install a new OS
Primary (75GB) - NTFS - Win7 is installed here
Primary (25GB) - NTFS - WinXP SP2 is here

Extended (around 365GB) - and I'm having problems inside it
--------First Logical (350GB) - NTFS
--------A remaining size of 15.62GB (15998MB) that may consist of one or some logical drives

I installed my win7 and winxp in the 2nd and 3rd primary and I switch between these two by activaving the appropriate one. when I'm in XP and activate 75GB primart to boot in win7 something strange happens:

Except the 1st logical drive, any other logical drive I have after it dissapears and turns into unpartitioned space. and it seems to be a bug of windows disk management tool or limitation in winxp. the point is that there's no such a problem when I do the same in win7 exactly.

Can anybody give me some advice how to fix this?

There's a danger that my 350GB drive fades away some day with all data in it! I think.

Here's a screenshot of this process:

thanks in advance
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  1. Any Ideas? I'm so close to repartition which will waste me at least a good day.:(
  2. Yuck, start over and create normal partitions.

    1) 100MB Windows 7 system reserved partition
    2) C: partition for Windows 7
    3) D: partition for Windows XP

    3 primary partitions, and this should work. If you really really really want, you can create a forth partition, but don't create the jungle you made; its prone to errors and bugs in windows.
  3. It is not my jungle, It's win7's. I want to delete the 1st partition but it makes me edit boot.ini and such stuff and I currently have no reason to do it 1st.

    I think there's a problem with extended partition size and I can't take the risk without any advice. I opened norton partition magic in xp and the following window showed up:

    I just can't press the ok button. I just don't know which partition it means. It may truncate one of partitions and ruin the whole NTFS structure I fear.

    could you help me out to recognize where the starting sector of each partition is, using a tool? then I can trust norton partition magic and press the ok button.
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    PartitionMagic causes more problems than it solves. Its dangerous and generally, you should reinstall everything from scratch.

    Start installing Windows 7, delete all partitions and create a C: partition, then install XP to D:.
  5. thank you buddy

    I'm agree with you and I'm going to do it.
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