What is the Cause of this ?

hi guys , i realy wanna know if you have seen this problem before just like me . problem is , Windows XP sometimes , for Unknow reason goes So slow when i try to Transport ( copy / paste something to somewhere ) or when i try to install something , whole OS goes so slow , Music plays so slow & bad , Opening of simple folder takes more time to be opened ! finaly : every thing goes so slow , & it only happen in sometimes & problem solves only when i change the windows , some time my XP works longer , but sometime this problem comes. can someone tell me what is this ?
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  1. o.0

    try to be more detailed, do you have any anti-virus or fw?

    a generally slow pc, to the point where it takes 5 min to load a simple webpage.. on a 1ghz cpu 512mb ram and no gfx card.. usually indicates a problem.. tho the web these days is loaded with java,flash and everything else even if it's not intended by the author for it to be there..the codec and compression conversions alone will use alot of cpu..

    by cpu i mean how busy the pc is.. usually displayed via ctrl-alt-del pressed at once.
    in windows home 95-xp not sure about win 7

    Looking at this will tell you what is using what, and how much.. then you can guess at why its trying to use so much to do so little.

    quite often it's one virus, or hundreds..
  2. My SYSTem is High enough , 4Gb ram ddr 2 , 1GB 9600GT Core 2 Due 1.8 GHZ E2160 , i know that my CPu is Crap , but this problem happens only some time , i recently used XP & 7 for about 5 times , non of them bring that problems ! maybe this problem happens when Virus attacks or win goes OLD !
  3. Could also be a symptom of a dying hard drive.
  4. Bad Sector ? Broken HDD hardware ?
  5. Bad sectors would be the first thing to check for, yes.
  6. If i had then there is no way but Chagne HDD no ?
  7. It is always best to back up data and replace a failing hard drive, yes... especially if you have data that is important to you.
  8. yea run chkdsk and get defraggler..

    defrag the hd atleast once a week..

    I also noticed at one time when i had a virus, that defrag would load randomly and take-up a buncha cpu... this doesnt happen with a new install that is updated..

    netcut, packet injection, buffer overflow attacks, remote desktop, and remote connections is a popular exploit these days, and noticeably effects system speeds.. windows has update's that address these.. many are not seen as viruses.. they are malware.. And so are often not detected by popular anti-v or fw's..

    Do you even have anti-virus or fire wall software?

    if this does not help, and you already have another HD in that system with an OS use that one.. scan the other one, after booting into the OS on another drive.. quite often doing cross scans like this finds stuff that was previously missed..because it isnt hidden or being used..

    Yes over a period of 5years or so, windows degrades.. and becomes unusable. This is not gauranteed to happen to everyone, but it can. A bad HD will continue to lose data...even if you re-formatted and re-installed... you may even notice glitches as images and video/audio have lost data..

    your cpu is not crap.. but a bit slow.. but things should not be running slow on this system.. not at all.. what kinda HD"s you got and how long have you been using them?

    Have you messed with the inside of the computer at all?

    PCwizard will help pull system info without opening your case xD
  9. also it may just need to be cleaned if you haven't done that in a while xD
  10. I am not that Stupid that u think ! i have NOD 32 v4 but it cant do anything for BAD SECTORS !
  11. lol, no one said you were stupid xD we are trying to troubleshoot your issues.. with no knowledge of your system or what you have done or haven't done. We can only help if you give alot of details.

    no, software is 100% secure... it's the nature of things... try something else.. but don't go crazy downloading stuff you don't know of or never heard of..it would be best to install other virus software on a new OS install, and not on the same OS install that another anti-virus is installed on... they may not play well with each other...or be compatable with other scanners.

    viruses can cause bad sectors and mess up the MassFileTransfer sectors and the master boot sectors.. It has been a long time since i've had anything do that tho. it's just a possibility..

    NOD is cpu intense .. depending on settings, newer versions claim to be much faster

    nod32 and chkdsk errors-may be relevent:


    IF you pirated this software, i'm NOT saying you did...

    you might find a virus called win32agent.. or something like that...somewhere on your system.. this can wipe data if allowed to persist..and is also allowed by most popular software.
  12. Malwarebytes is an excellent piece of anti-malware software.
  13. To check for malware, run though the guide in my signature.
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