E5200 + Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L A match made in heaven?

I just built a PC with this mobo and an e5200. I seem to have hit 4.0ghz(320X12.5) like cake with after market cooling. I mean I am running less than 1.4 vcore! Still tweaking for max stability, but I seem to have found my groove @ 1.38. Any body else with this setup getting these results or is my proc a fluke?
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  1. It's just a great overclocking processor.
  2. You'll know of your OC settings are in the groove if it passes Prime 95 for a few hours. What are the temps, idle and full load?
  3. RealTemp: 36 Idle; 63 @ 99-100% load, Gaming(Unreal Tournament 3) 56-57.
  4. Those are not good temps. They are excellent!
  5. Excellent overclock Mulder19, geat job! Remember to stress test for stability.
  6. Thanks. I have an absurd number of fans in this little budget case I got. 3X80mm 1X100mm. Plus, the OCZ psu also has a sizable exhaust fan. The 4850 is a toasty card, so one of those fans is situated to directly vent the cards exhaust.

    I will run prime95 today to check for stability. An interesting note: Unreal 3's menu runs my CPU at 99%. Strange. More to the point, the game seems to be a solid app test for dual core CPU's as it generally runs both my cores at 90%+. Also, it is a bit more interesting to game, err. . . test with than prime. lol.

    BTW. Got this proc to boot to windows at 4.2ghz, but voltage had to be markedly increased.
  7. How are you running triple monitors, with a triplehead2go digital, or analog?

    I've been looking at this board and CPU for a gaming build, sure seems like the best bang for the buck. Will consider water cooling however for quiet operation. How do you find your aftermarket cooler, loud?
  8. Well, I have to make that two for the moment. I am trying to find a way to use the onboard video card to power a third display, but driver issues are crippling under XP. I am currently trying to get it to work under my Windows 7 boot instead.

    I actually don't notice the CPU cooler at all. My graphics card fan is the loudest of the 5 other fans(including psu) in the case. So it is hard to say how loud it is on its own.
  9. Did you score the CPU from newegg, or another retailer that lists the stepping? I think it's recently increased in price from $59 to $69.
  10. Very impressive bro. My board is a ga-eg31m-s2 (mATX) and i need 1.3875 in bios for a prime stable 3.33 (266x12.5) so that is phenomenal!
  11. I got the CPU and all the new parts from Newegg. I got the g-card second hand.
  12. snakeeater_za said:
    Very impressive bro. My board is a ga-eg31m-s2 (mATX) and i need 1.3875 in bios for a prime stable 3.33 (266x12.5) so that is phenomenal!

    Seems like you should be able to get above 3.33ghz. . . Hmmm I see you have ddr2 800. What is your RAM multiplier? If you are not posting above 266, it might be the RAM. Not sure if/how RAM instability would affect Prime stability, especially considering that hiking the core voltage seems to have brought stability.
  13. your processor is pretty normal, i can get mine to 3.5 on stock cooling, so it totally seems possible
  14. Hey congrats on the nice chip, i had a pos e5200 that would do 4.00 ghz @ 1.45 but prime 95 stable and intel burn test stable. The worst thing was the temps. I was getting almost 68C on a 350$ water cooling kit, i know if it was the processor. The same kit is powering my q9550 @ 4.00 ghz and everything stays below 48C now!!!!!.....bad chip? bad sensor, i am using same windows, same everything i dont know.....but congrats. :)
  15. I wonder if the E5300 has the same overclockability as its smaller brother E5200 :S
  16. is the multiplier 12.5 like the e5200?
  17. I have an E5200 in my old GA-EP35-DS3P. So far the best that I have been able to do is 3.75 GHz. But that's with my old ACF7P.
  18. With MSI P35 Neo Fr2, corsair H50 cheap and great :D:D water cooling kit. I've made 4Ghz with my E5200, at very nice voltage.
    Core temps are 40 idle 55 on load. 100% stable.


    P.S. Very good chip , mine is R0 stepping. Seems a bit better than M0


    Btw, H50 isn't "real" WCing. A high end air will be better than that.
  20. I also built one in a GA-G41-ES2L (stock speed) for my sister-in-law. Her last computer was a low end Dell with a P4 Celeron in it, so she thinks this thing is really fast.
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