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ok.. Atm I have 2 evga 8800 gts's 320mb. I am quite honestly sick of sli though. If i want to run a second monitor, i need to disable it. half the games out there arent optimized for sli anyway so i wind up disabling it anyway and having the same fps. I'd rather have one card "to rule them all" lmao, and be able to upgrade to sli later if ever. for the time being Im thinking of getting a gtx 280. I know that 90% of these forums are ati supporters, but I am not >.<. Money really isn't an object. does anyone have a gtx280 or has seen one in action? are you satisfied with it?

I'll be upgrading to a tagan 800w psu and I'm getting vista 64 bit within the next week.

i have a gigabyte ga-n650sli-ds4 mobo and a dual core e6600 running stock. I tried to dabble in the overclocking, but can't seem to get it right. I have a feeling that my processor might bottleneck me at 1600x1050. I also have a 1920x1080 32 inch monitor that I use sometimes, thus the need for the strong vid card.
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  1. Well if you DO go ATI, you can have crossfire and multiple monitor support at the same time, eliminating your biggest pet peeve with SLI.
  2. vnderachiever said:
    I know that 90% of these forums are ati supporters, but I am not >.<.

    Most of the people on these forums are not ATI supporters. We simply like to get the best value graphics card (price/performance), and that currently is coming from ATI no matter which way you measure up. For most of us money is an issue.

    If money is not an issue then by all means get a GTX 280. However the 4870 X2 is coming out soon and does outperform the GTX 280. If you have an Nvidia motherboard though you should just get the GTX 280.
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