Wiped my infected dell with xp. Now no internet. Still hooked up to cable modem

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  1. usually a dns error, and or a persistant threat still there not on your computer...

    sometimes fw's/anti-v will give you their dns or routes, and when you uninstall them it messes things up..

    try to reset the router, reset your pc once that is done. and try again.

    If that fails contact your isp.

    If that fails, something went wrong with the drivers install, or the hardware has malfunctioned for some reason..
  2. Did you install the drivers for your network adapter? Win XP may not have the proper drivers for it especially if it is an older version. My Win XP install discs are prior to Service Pack 1.

    Go to Dell's website and search around for the right network driver for your PC model, burn it onto a disk and then install. Might as well burn all other drivers that may be relevant to your Dell as well.
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