hi my name is joe i have a older asus motherboard m2a-vm i put in a amd x3 720 2.8 ghz and it works my old cpu was a 4600+amd x2 940 2.4 ghz 940 pins idont have the money for a new board and not sure how to set up the new cpu i have it set to auto in bios for the cpu i have found out the voltage is 0.850- 1.425 for the new cpu upgrade my computer runs nice with the new cpu i flashed the bios 2302 what im not sure about if my older motherboard can take a over clock i know the cpu can the lay out of my computer asus-m2a-vm sapphire ati-hd3870 the psu 500 watts cpu amdx3 720 and ide dual layer dvd 3 gigs centon ddr2 800 the motherboard also supports pc3-8500 what i like to konw is the 500 watt psu ok for now or do i need to upgrade and can the motherboard take a overclock i have some money to work with had to get the bills payed i can upgrade the psu if i have to i like to keep things safe before i play with a overclock if it can be done with my motherboard what i need help with can i overclock with what i have or do i need more up gardes the new motherboard i want to get will have to wait thank you for your time have a nice day ps all must forgot my hard drive is made by hitachi sata #2 320 gb
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  1. Arrrrrgggghhhh, long wall of text hard to read! :( What exactly are you asking here?
  2. well, what is the brand of the PSU and what are the amps on the rails (3.3v, 5v, 12v)
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