New Build issues....kinda please?

I just recently bought a new Gigabyte Ep45 DS3R, OCZ reaper 4gb, OCZ 600 watt PSU, and an Asus 4850. Everything is plugged in correctly but when i go to start it, it turns on for a second then shuts down, then turns on again, and shuts down again...over and over....whats going on? Its trying to start.
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More about build issues kinda starts help please
  1. is the 4 pin and 24 pin pluged in?
  2. Yep...
  3. I have an Asus board but had a similar problem. It was to do with the ram voltages (standard being 1.8). So I eventually left one stick in, booted up and adjusted the volts then put the rest in.

    Hope it helps.
  4. Yeah thanks for the tip, i actually tried just using one stick and it didnt make any difference
  5. Sounds like a power/frequency issue. My board gets into those loops when I try to boot it on settings that are too aggressive.

    Another thing to try is to short the CMOS pins (I think your board probably has it, my GA-EP35-DS3R has it). This will effectively reset the BIOS. I had to do this to get my board to POST the first time.
  6. Could also be heat.

    Make sure the fan is mounted properly and the pushpins are probably engaged.
  7. Ill be sure to check those things. I thought i had reset the bios earlier...just curious though how long do i have to short it out to reset it? and just so you guys know im actually using a zalaman 7700 cooler on my CPU, so ill be sure all the screws are tightened down and its sitting properly.
  8. 5 seconds
  9. OK tried both shorting the board and resitting the hsf still nothing. Any other ideas?
  10. just wondering if you ever got this resolved, i am having the same problem!
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