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So I'm going to upgrade to a 4870 at the end of this month Razz

However, my monitor at the moment has VGA output, and i know the 4870 comes with a DVI to VGA converter so that's ok, but next month i want to buy a 22 inch monitor (Samsung Pebble probs) and that has a DVI output, so thats ok.

But i want to run dual monitor, so can I run the two monitors at the same time with one via DVI and one with the VGA converter? Or do i need two DVI monitors?

EDIT: The Diamond version of the 4870 comes with a DVI to VGA converter, but does the Sapphire version come with one? Or will i need to upgrade my monitor first?
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  1. So long as you have the dvi->vga converter you can run any combination of those you want. I currently have a dvi (new lcd) as my primary and a vga (old lcd) as the secondary.
  2. Thank you very much

    Ive been sitting here waiting for replies on 2 forums cos when i saw it was DVI output and my monitor is VGA i was not happy.

    Thanks ;)
  3. Yep - it'll work just fine, and I've done it before :)
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