XFX Nvidia 9600gt is getting too hot at idle and 100% fan


I bought this card 3 days ago, and with the fan set at default, its temperature reaches 56 C with no load at all!!! And when I set the fan to 100%,the tempreture drops to 47 C, again with no load!!! :S
Should I return it???
Whats wrong??????? - when i got the box,there was a small white wire just like the one that connects the case's LED to the motherboard.The wire was in the box ,not connected to anything, so could it be a fan wire that was removed,despite the fact that i can hear the loud fan sound????

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  1. Those temps are fine for a video card. Make sure it doesn't go over 100 at load and you're fine.
  2. dude, thats pretty cool. 85 is hot. GPU's run a lot hotter than CPUs.
  3. For standard cooling on a vid card, that normal. I had the same concern with my XFX 8600 GT, reaching 85-90 degrees, and the XFX techs said that normal for the card.
  4. Well I am having cooling issues as well, or something. Loaded RIVETUNER and lowered the shaders to 1600 and cranked up the fan speed. Finnaly able to load a map with BF2142, however crashed hard after being on the titan for about 5 tries at the consoles.

    PNY 9600GT only 3 days old.
    4 gig of HYPERX PC8500
    XfX 680i Lt SLI
    Antec earth watts 650
    XP Home

    This is flippin making me mad. I have read a lot of issues with the 9600GT from MSI and PNY.
  5. hmmm...interesting,,,,,,
    i have a 9600GT that i got last may runs at 42C at idle with no load and 55C on load.. both on 100% fan. xfx card. and i live in a place where avarage day time temp is 32C. plus ma card is XT version

    make sure u have good air flow in ur PC. 9600GT lets out its heat inside the PC and due to lac of proper venting, heat is buildin up in ur card.
  6. I bought xfx 9600gt yesterday and had very interesting problem. After 30 min of installation I smell something coming out from PC. Turned off, removed veeeeeryyyy hoooottttt (too hot to take without glove) vga and find round fan sticker INSIDE the fan and!!!!! Damn! It could burn vga!!! Remove that f****** round sticker on fan - it can JAM vga fan!!!! Now it runs about 47C with no load. But now I have another problem: I can't install monitor driver: "acces denied". Maybe antivirus, maybe didn't clean old drivers.... Not found soliuton yet.
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