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Clear Connection Manager and Windows XP 64 bit edition SP2

I'm running XP 64 bit SP2 on my system and when I try to install the Clear Connection Manager for Clear Wireless 4g Internet it stops with the error that i must be running at least Windows XP SP1 before I install the connection manager. Only problem is that I'm running SP2. I guess the installer is reading the OS as older than XP SP1. I do know the XP 64 bit edition is based on the Windows 2003 core kernel so it confuses me that the installer would see an older OS instead of a newer one.

Clear's technical support is less than helpful. Their recommendation is to upgrade my OS to windows vista or 7. That is not helpful. There is a reason I am still running XP 64 bit. Vista and 7 64 bit have issues I don't care to deal with. So do I deal with no internet and XP or ati video driver crashes on vista or 7? What's a 64 bit geek to do here???

One thought is to somehow trick the installer into thinking that it is running on a different OS version than it is. I would have to know either where the installer is reading the OS version from --OR-- how to modify the installer so that the OS version check is disabled. Either option is a bit out of my league..................

Any suggestions would be great. thanks in advance :cry:
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  1. I never used XP 64-bit; nevertheless, is there an option to run the install in XP 32-bit mode?

    For that you might have to copy the whole CD to a folder on you HDD and run the install from there.
  2. Oddly enough that didn't work. That was a good try though since I'd not thought of it! Thanks! Still need ideas and Clear tech supt is still not helpful lol
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    Another shot in the dark:

    Since the XP 64 bit edition is based on the Windows 2003 core kernel as you said, have you tried using the Vista or Win 7 drivers.
  4. Smashing idea chap! That worked. The installer threw a couple errors but it installed enough to connect me to the network! Thanks man... was really not looking forward to migrating backwards to XP 32-bit. :bounce:
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