What motherboard would be better?

Which motherboard is going to be better? I just bought a Intel Core2 Duo. 3Ghz 1333FSB, 6mb L2 Cache. Im looking for a motherboard now. I looked at an ASUS and an INTEL board. Not sure which brand to go with. Would an ASUS P5Q be better than an INTEL board.
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  1. In generalities Intel boards are very stable, but don't overclock very well. Asus boards overclock well and are pretty stable. Most enthusiasts will go with Asus, but i have friends that swear by intel boards. Gaming = Asus
  2. when examining a prospective mobo some of the things to keep in mind,,1,,possible cpu upgrade path,,2,,layout of mobo in relation to the case it is going into,3,built in features,firewire,number & placement of usb ports,etc,etc,4,will it support extra long cards when installed,,ideally you want to get the mostest for the leastest,,,and last ??,but not least warranty and customer service from seller...:)
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