ATI 4870 and Antec EA-650 power question

Hi,sorry if this is a noobish question but I want to make sure I power the 4870 correct. I am using one ATI 4870 and need to know which power supply pins to send to it.This system will not be using crossfire.

The ATI 4870 has two 6-pin inputs.The CPU has one 6-pin and one 8-pin pci express wires. How do I configure this setup?
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  1. You must be a cpu enginneer if your cpu has 6 pins. Most of them have around a hundred pins. :) If you mean the cpu power connector, it's either 4/8 pins. No 6.

    The 6 pins from the PSU is for PCI-E. Plug two in the GPU. If not enough cable, then use the bundled power cable adapter/splitter.
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