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My friend wants to know if there are any good video cards that will go in a ISA slot on a computer. It is very difficult to find them. There are 4 ISA 8 bit ports and 2 16-bit ISA slots, and it has atm 16MB of SIMM memmory in a 486DX4, and then what are the best soundcards. It has a 540MB hard drive, Windows 95, and DOS version 6.22 in Dual-boot. He's willing to spend upto $300 on a soundcard and Graphics card. What are you thoughts? :bounce:
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  1. Give it up, this has to be a troll.

    I can't see any reason to buy anything for that old of a system. Even parts for it are hard to find....

    What does he need to UG an old PC like that when one 500 times faster can be bought for $400 or less
  2. Didn't answer the question. This guy wants this computer. He likes playing the old DOS games, and I told him about an emulator he can play in Windows Vista, but he would perfer to use this computer.
  3. Hi yaoiboimi ,
    listen , he is right.
    its just doesn't worth buying any of this stuff ,
    why not using an emulator to play old games?
    it doesn't make the picture change , and you can run even things bigger then just DOS old games, it just doesnt worth the money effort and anything,

    Cheers mate.
  4. $300 you can build a new system on that
  5. run the games under vmware
  6. ^hay i never thought of doing that... maybe i can finally play all those awesome old school games again...

    fury of the furries
    tie fighter
  7. Well I finally got a 3Dfx Voodoo 5500

    Also a Roland SCC-1

    Wouldn't it be really cool to have an old setup with this
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