Sata HardDrive Not Detected in P5k-VM

My system is not booting up, and I tried to look into the bios, where I find that the SATA drive is not getting detected, till yesterday night it was working fine,

I felt the hard drive vibrating, so I guess it is getting power,

other IDE hard disk is getting detected,

My Motherboard, is Asus P5k-VM and hard disk is 500Gb seagate.

Please Advise?
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  1. I assume you checked all the cable connections?
    But, a hard drive should not "vibrate" if it does, something is seriously wrong with it.
    Sounds like you may need a new drive.
  2. I found out about problem, there is a problem with the spin of the disks in the hard drive, and thus it is not getting detected, the expert says data can be recovered, any advise guys on how to recover the information, and how much should it cost me?
  3. Might be suffering that issue seagate had with recent firmware etc (well not recent anymore but a few months ago anyhow)

    Data recovery - there are links on seagate's website and if it really is one of those bricked drives it will be impossible without sending it away but it will cost you
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