Could someone help me with this configuration?

Hi all, I'm looking for a help about compatibility between the components of the pc I'm going to buy next week. Could you check that configuration and tell me if you spot any possible compatibility issue? Thank you!

Intel Core 2 Quad 9450
Corsair TX 750W
COOLER MASTER CM 690 Black noPws
Seagate Barracuda 500GB (cache 32MB)
Ati HD4870
Samsung LCD 22"SyncMaster 2232BW 2ms

(Note that I want it to be able to support another 4870 in the future)
I think that this is a good system overall, but since this would be the first time that I build a pc from scratch, I'm worried about possible problems...

For example, I've read that the 4870 is a dual slot. Would two of them fit into the case/mb slots?
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  1. P45 supports CrossfireX at PCIE 2.0 8 x 8. X38 and X48 support CrossfireX PCIE 2.0 at 16 x 16. Two dual slot video cards should fit, they do on my ASUS maximus Formula X38.
  2. I've read various places that the x8 link speed limit on the P45 boards will decrease the performance of your two 4870s, so if you really are serious about CrossfireX, you should get an X38 or X48 board.
  3. btw.... if you want to really get the most out of your future CF system you should get an bigger screen..... 1900x 1280
    you'll have 1 gb of ddr5 ram.... get the biggest resolution you can :P
  4. Thank you for your help! Yep, that CF thing vs. monitor size and so on is good point. After a couple of days of thougts I decided to go with this anyway because even if I'm not even sure if I will really CF, I want this door open to have a cheap way to give to my system a bit more time to live (I buy pc once every 4-5 years...)
    Both bigger displays and the x38 are currently out of my budget, except perhaps for the p5e3 x38, wich is 30 euros more expensive than the p5q pro... I can take it into consideration!

    Anything else?
  5. EDIT: for example, does it make sense to buy 1066Mhz ram instead than 800Mhz? Will I see improvements?
    And again, do I need to buy the cpu fun or is it included with the boxed 9450?
  6. If you buy a retail Q9450, you will get a heat sink, but it won't be very good. If you plan on doing some overclocking, look into an after-market cooler. To find a good one, look at what people are recommending in other threads like this, or just look around the forums a bit. Also, both Toms and Anandtech have had CPU cooler reviews, but they don't always include the best or most commonly used heat sinks.

    1066 RAM isn't really worth it for the most part, unless you're going to be doing a lot of overclocking - then it can help give you some headroom when you have a locked CPU multiplier (like the Q9450). If you don't plan to overclock, or if you don't plan to overclock very aggressively, you should just get DDR2-800 RAM.
  7. the cpu fan comes with the retail q9450 (the box version).
  8. I won't do overklocking at all for now. Perhaps I will give it a try when I will start having problems with games, that is not before a few years :)
  9. I gave a look to the Asus P5e3 motherboard but in two different features list they only mention ddr3 support. Does it also support ddr2?
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