IDE hard disk ntfs not detected but displays size

Hi, during formatting my IDE hard disk drive i mistakenly cancel and now bios setup is not detecting hard drive but displays size.

But with recovery manager have been able to locate and recover data but i still can't access either through windows or bios, but windows xp boot setup displays size
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  1. Its not detecting your harddrive but it does display the size of the HDD? That's a contradiction. Please explain your issue thoroughly.

    You also said you tried to recover data; does that mean you need data that is on the harddrive? If that is so, why did you format the drive?
  2. When formatting the HDD i mistakenly canceled the process.
    Now i want to repeat the format process again from windows boot setup, it displays there is an hard drive with the size but i can't access it.

    Windows boot setup tells me i cant there is not hdd but i can see the size stated above and my when i slaved it with another PC my device manager sees it even the under the computer management under disk management i can't locate it either
  3. Sorry i can make heads or tails of what you're saying.
    If you simply want to install Windows to it:

    1) insert windows cd
    2) boot from windows cd
    3) windows should detect your HDD and list the partitions or say "unused space" or something. You can format the HDD at this point.

    Also, what version of windows are you trying to install? With IDE harddisk i guess you mean Parallel ATA harddrive? Is the PATA controller enabled in BIOS?

    There simply isn't enough information to directly address your problem.
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