New system build - Your input please.

Hi Everyone,

The time has come again to put something new together from scratch. The old system is on its last legs. I am not entirely a hardware geek but you guys have helped a lot in my decision-making process. So first of all, thank you for all the helpful posts!

Here is what I came up with thus far for my new rig. Intended use is for gaming including OCing. I would really appreciate if you could give your thoughts about this or if you see any problems that this build might run into.

Thank You!

Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 Processor BX80570E8400 - 3.0GHz, 6MB Cache, 1333MHz FSB, Wolfdale, Dual-Core, Retail, Socket 775, Processor with Fan (0.85 lbs)

Asus P5Q-E Green Motherboard - Intel P45, Socket 775, ATX, Audio, PCI Express 2.0, S/PDIF, Dual Gigabit LAN, Firewire, USB 2.0, eSATA, RAID (3.2 lbs)

Thermaltake VH600LBWS Armor+ Full-Tower ATX Case with Liquid Cooling (46 lbs)

Thermaltake / ToughPower / 700-Watt / ATX / 140mm Fan / SATA Ready / SLI Ready / PFC/EPS / Power Supply (6.95 lbs)

BFG GeForce 9800 GTX Video Card - 512MB GDDR3, PCI Express 2.0, SLI Ready, (Dual Link) Dual DVI, HDTV (2.55 lbs)

Corsair Dual Channel XMS2 4096MB PC8500 DDR2 1066MHz Memory (2 x 2048MB) (0.25 lbs)

Philips SPD2513BD Super-Allwrite Retail DVD Burner - 20x DVD±R Burn, 16x DVD±R Read, 8x DVD+RW, 6x DVD-RW, 48x24x CD-R/RW, Black, SATA (2.2 lbs)

2 X Western Digital Caviar SE16 500GB Hard Drive - 7200, 16MB, SATA-300, OEM (3.1 lbs)
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  1. Looks okay.

    This is the same card but cheaper,

    You can get some of the above items cheaper at Infonec (
  2. 1- ASUS P5Q Deluxe is a better mobo
    2- HD 4870 is better than 9800 GTX
    3- mushkin 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 1066 is better than your choice
    4- Western Digital Caviar SE16 WD6400AAKS 640GB is a better hard disk
    Good luck
  3. kad hit everything right on the head.

    4850 is better than 9800GTX in some cases. Same price too. Go with the 48x0 series.

    4850- $192 CAD

    4870- $311 CAD- Smacks 9800GTX around- competes with 260 & 280.
  4. Thanx for the creative input!

    What about the PSU? 700Watt going to be enough?
  5. Overkill for just 1 card.

    If you want CF later- it is good to keep.
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