4850's in crossfire...Works but need help

As the thread name says my new setup does work - but I don't think it is working to its fullest and I don't quite understand why. I want to say it is the PSU, but I hope not because ... well I hope it is software based because I don't want to spend money :lol:

9850 BE
2x 4850
K9A2 Platinum MSI mobo
2 gigs of Corsair ram (XMS 2 6400)
100 gig (for now) Maxtor sata hd
And windows XP SP 2 ... Also Running the 8.7 drivers.
600 Watt Enermax Noisetaker PSU

Anyways, I know crossfire is working going by pure FPS differences in 3dmark06... almost a 20fps Difference if not more... however with crossfire on, and all settings at max I am only scoring a 12000... I would think it should be higher than this ?

I was under the impression that having the settings maxxed out would actually make the system run more smoothly. Age of Conan also benefits with crossfire on, but not by as much as I had hoped. There is only about a 5-10 fps change.

I am begining to think that I forgot something? I don't see anything in the bios that I can change to make things run more smoothly, And both the cards are running at 16x 2.0. Both cards are fully seated, powered... and I have the fans running at a modified percent to keep them from erupting in flames, both when I am gaming (70%) and when I am in idle (30%).

Anyone have a setup like mine that would care to explain why this doesnt seem right :P.

Any feedback would be fantastic

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  1. Are you doing a default benchmark in 3dmark06 if not your score looks right. Also what size monitor.
  2. Anyone :(?
  3. Syncmaster 204B 20.1 inches

    And it is not default, it was all max 1600 By 1200 8x AA 16 AP
  4. I cant see this being normal, I should be getting like 19k
  5. Im getting 17500 with q6600 QUAD@3.0

    sO YA seems low to me
  6. Possibly found an issue. In AMD OverDrive it shows my PCI-E Slot getting 116Mhz, I thought this was suppose to be in the 1ghz area ?

    And if that is it how do i access it to correct the speed...

  7. its normal i have 9600 non BE with a MSI k9a2 2x2gb of ram windows sp3 with 3870 in crossfire. Plus i'm overclocking the cpu at 2.82ghz video cards core clock at 840mhz. Overclocking at default i get 16888 in 3dmark06
  8. default is 100 on the pci express bus. When i'm overclocking its set to 120mhz
  9. Why don't you run it at default and then see what your score is?
  10. Ill run it at default and see what happens
  11. Sounds good;)
  12. 13198 at default
  13. I think it is the CPU with 3dmark, because I dont have it oc'd at all...?
  14. both cards alone get 10441
  15. 13198 is a good not overclock score.
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