AMD radeon HD4870 PSU question!?

Will a Visiontek Radeon HD4870 run with my ULTRA 600 Watt ATX SLi-Ready Power Supply?

that one I have now.
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  1. I have atleast 2 6 pin pci connectors, I think just 2 actually
  2. You'll need to look at the PSU to see how many amps are on the 12v rail(s).

    My guess is you should be to go.
  3. I should be good to go.
  4. Should work fine, although it isn't the best power supply, it should handle an HD 4870.
  5. I built a system recently, slapping in a Radeo HD4870, and I'm having a lot of problems with running games @ 1440*900, I think it's down to my PSU?

    Some games I play, about 1 minute in (on lowest gfx) will crash, with the screen's graphics going all distorted in little squares all over the screen, and I'll just have to turn the pc off manually.

    Other games running full screen and lowest gfx settings will just lag out about eveyr 1 minute for a few seconds, before continuing, but will eventually crash.

    I'm usually an old 500w PSU, so I think that's my problem (as this gfx card is a power GUZZLER).

    So if I were to buy a CorsAir HX620w, would that suffice?
  6. Can Anyone Help?
  7. Tom? :D
  8. Have
    Hec 480W PSU
    MSI 4870 OC 512MB
    2x1Gb RAM
    AMD 3800+ x2
    3 HDDs
    1 DVD burner
    1 DVD reader

    No problems with games like crysis at 1680x1050 res.
    Try a smaller resolution like 1024x768 to see if you have the same problems.
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