Asus striker II extreme/nse


Im new to overclocking but would like to have a go just to get a bit more out of my system.

My system is:

mobo: asus striker II extreme/nse 790i
Ram: 4gb ddr3 1333mhz
cpu: q9550
gpu: gtx260
hd: sata 250gb, sarta 80gb
psu: toughpower 700w

ive just ordered a Thermaltake Bigwater 760i water cooler for mobo chipset and cpu

everything on the rig is set as it was from the factory all ive done is go into the bios and enabled cpu cores 3,4

what i would like if anybody has the time is to overclock my system to a safe level i can use the asus (ai overclock) software to overclock the cpu but as for voltage and fsb, memory, mobo chipset i have no idea what im doing.

If any body has some spear time i would really appreciate some step by step help with setting my rig up.

Kind Regards
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  1. Make sure your NB voltage is set to 1.4-1.42 v, I use the BIOS to set my q9450 to 3.4GHz I have 8GB of memory so I can only run it at stock speed but when I had 4GB I used the BIOS as well matching the CPU FBS.
  2. Thanks for the reply baddad

    hmm i understand a bit of that but not fully. as a complete newbie would be great to have a step by step or some screen shots.

    here is my system as it is at the moment.

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