HDD failure or Windows failure?

recently i had a massive slow down. i ran av and anit-spy several times and problem persisted. The system seems to find all the installed ram.

BUT this morning i realised that the HDD is not listed in the disk management section and when i try to run disk defrag. from computer management returns an error "cannot analyse paritition".

I also tried to run a HDD analyser and it didn't display the partitions and HDD model number

However the HDD's model number is showing on boot up, bios, in device manager and in my computer

what is the issue? a HDD failure or a Windows failure? any suggestions anyone ?

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  1. Show the SMART output of the drive, using a utility like HDTune.
    If you can't install/use the drive; try booting Ubuntu livecd, install the smartmontools package and use the following command on the drive:

    smartctl -a /dev/sda

    Post the HDTune screenshot with SMART values here, or the text output of the smartctl command. This way we can analyse your issue.
  2. hey thanks for the reply

    but i ran easy recovery pro to drive test is it didn't display the harddisk model number niether the partitions
  3. If the disk is damaged you cannot use it; you first have to see what the state of the disk is. So check SMART data.

    Also, if you don't need the data on the drive just RMA it / use the warranty service or throw it in the waste bin. If you do need the data on the drive proceed carefully and do not attempt to use or write to the device, only perform recovery.

    Getting the SMART data would be the first step, recovery the second step, throwing it in the waste bin the third step.
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