I bought a bunch of PC's and Parts in a lot sale. It had 2 IBM thinkpad 570's (2644 3AU) Both had bad AC inputs and were easily repaired. One had No HDD and the other has XP professional SP2 installed. I would like to know if I can install XP SP3 on both, and If anyone might have done it and had some tips. The processors are both 366mhz Pentium II, and I have only one ultrabase docking station. Good matched set for the kids to mess around on till they are older. If you have any ideas on it please let me know, Thanks Keith
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  1. well actually, the think pads are obsolete, you could run win 98 / 2000 or possibly (maybe) XP on them, but putting money into it may not be the best idea.
    The speed of these units has basically been tripled by more modern units, and these are not worth anything not really anymore.
  2. XP SP3 should work fine
  3. It is possible to load Win XP on the old IBM ThnikPad 570. Not sure what the performance will be like though.
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