Graphics card not working due to Code12: not enough resources

Hey there people. I got a new motherboard for my Geforce 7950gx2. Intially my Acer motherboard based on the ATI express 200 series with a RC410M chipset had problem detecting the PCI express switch, which in result the card working half of it's speed. After getting this motherboard (Abit I-NH73; 630i chipset)and installing the drivers card worked properly but at the same time a new problem has arrived.

I turned the computer on few times it worked then suddenly after few turns the card doesnt boot up. I hooked it up to on board Video and saw in device managers that my card has Code:12 not enough resources. I unistalled and reinstalled the drivers. This temporarely fixed the problem but same issues after few good turns.

I like to mention that that both my rams are of different ram one is Acer 1GB 533mhz other crosshair 1GB 667mhz but its running as 2GB 533mhz. Could this be the cause of the problem? Also my Windows is OEM copy from Tafe that my brother law gave, which probably making my computer think it is on a workstation. I have seen some features in device manager such as 1394 host controller, floppy disk drive and lot other devices that to me seems like a home computer shouldnt have; thus hogging up resources. Also my keyboard works sometimes but doesn't in other times. This I believe is a IRQ resource problem too.

Also I tried upgrading the bios but it says CMOS flash failure at the start. I think I made a mistake in the installing procedure. I will get a friend to install it for me on the weekend who is good with comps. Read how some bios update fixes this issue and sometimes it doesnt. Hope it does for me and incase it doesn't its bad news, so I am asking for help anyways.

Dont know how to fix this issue. I know its not a support issue this time but merely a configuration and software issue. I would dearly like someone to help me in this as it is very frustrating and depressing.
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  1. just clear your cmos and dont try to flash it, do it with the power cord unplugged, install your card then try it.
  2. I have the exact same problem with my machine. I had a 9600 GT and it was working perfectly fine, then I try to replace it with a GT 240 and got the message of "code 12" not enough resource. I remove all the video drivers, nothing doing. Computer still doesn't see the GT 240. But the minute I place the 9600 back in, the system detect it perfectly fine. At first I thought the 240 was bad or that something is wrong with my BIOS. Then it hit me like a rock. The problem wasn't the BIOS or the video card.

    The problem has to do with the assign memory. My mother board could only handle max. RAM of 4G, which is what I got. But you don't get all 4G of RAM because other devices needs to also allocate memory from the same bus. Therefore if you have a 500MB video card, the max. RAM you're going to get is 3.5G even if you have 4G physically. If you have a sound card the same will need to be subtract from your total RAM. Well to make a long story short, my 9600 was 500MB, where as my 240 was 1G, hence my RAM was allocating all the resources and for some strange reason it's willing to let go off .5G, for my 9600, but not 1G, for my 240. So the solution was easy, I removed 1.5G of RAM and guess what, everything works fine. Then I added back another .5G for a total of 3G, now I have a total of approx. 2.75G of RAM and 1G video card. In a sense I loose nothing because I was going to loose 1G of memory anyway to the video card, but my system just forces me to remove the physical unused portion.

    I hope this helps.
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