disappointed in my new gtx2 1gb

Hi guys, went out and got a gtx2 1gb card for my rig and am very disappointed in it =(

it seems to have an enormous amount of power but i haven't found a game i can play at max settings (apart from grid) with out it doing something retarded and either crashing or having the visuals impaired.

In bio shock i cant take it off the default resolution or it will not go past the loading screen. I can changing the gfx up to full once its loaded but if i hit a surprise loading sequence it will lock up.

In rainbow six vegas @ 1600x1050 (max on my 22” lcd) the screen will turn cream and i cant see a thing.

I downloaded the latest drivers from nvidias driver page and it didnt help =s

has anyone had a problem such as this or know a fix for it. It seems like a giant waste of cash at the moment.

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  1. crashes and artifacts while playing are usually caused by heat or PSU problems, so hows the temps on the card and whats your power supply? Could be bad memory as well, run memtest86+ for several hours, over night if possible....
  2. What PSU is in your system?
    What are your full system specs?
    Is anything overclocked?
    Did you uninstall the previous drivers before installing your GX2?
  3. Im running a 1000 watt silverstone psu
    pny gtx2 1gb
    asus p5k-se
    c2d e2600 (soon to be a q6600)
    4gb gskill ddr800
    vista 64
    2x 500gb segate baracuda 32mb cach (not raid)

    no i didnt uninstall them. Probably should have but i have never experienced any problems before since my fx5900xt i got years ago with driver overides.

    Oh and nothing is over clocked either.
  4. Alright, so it is probably not a PSU issue.
    It could be a memory issue and it may not be a bad idea to run memtest as Kari suggests.

    I think it is probably a driver issue.
    Uninstall your display drivers and use a driver cleaner program to make sure that you have nothing left. I would think something like This program should get the job done. After cleaning your system of old drivers, reinstall nVidia's latest drivers. Make sure SLI is enabled in nVidia's driver panel and give it another try.
  5. Outlw6669 - How is enabling SLI gonna improve matters, does he have 2 cards?

    I agree with your thinking it may be driver issues, but I dont think its the way they were installed.
    Nvidia probably just needs more time to iron out more bugs. Maybe the next driver release will solve alot of your current issues.
  6. The 9800GX2 is 2 G92 cards sandwiched together to fit in a single PCIe slot. To the best of my understanding, if SLI is disabled in the drivers, it will only use one GPU. The GX2 is a last generation card. There should be no problems with nVidia's current drivers.
  7. Eh...what is an E2600 CPU? Is that a workstation CPU?
  8. Probably ment a E2160.
  9. Run a driver cleaner program; NVIDIA does have a history of not getting rid of its drivers properly...

    And yes, in some cases, turning off SLI on the 9800 GX2 does help, but it's surprisingly rare that you have to do so. Its far more likely a driver issue.
  10. Yes, you have to reinstall your drivers.
  11. lol I thought he had the GTX280....
  12. we cant help u unless u no wat parts u have so u can tell us lol.
  13. hi guys,

    sorry for my retarded rambling before. you would think since i built the computer myself i would be able to tell you the correct names of the parts =D working on a mac at work must be making me retarded lol.

    yes i am running a e2160 and yes i have a 9800gx2.

    tonight i will wipe the drivers and reinstall however i doubt it will make a difference.

    in my nvidia control panel it is set to using multi gpu's.

    i was thinking of downloading a benchmark to test the power of my card to see if its performing correctly and can actually run on my 22" max resolution.

    cheers for not making too much fun of me . . . . .
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