8.7 catalyst drivers FPS increase?

Just uninstalled and installed 8.7 catalyst drivers. Its kinda funny tho they havnt seem to fixed fan speeds as my idle was 75 C. Had to reactivate my old 30 % speed profile and temps went down to 43 C. Im kinda disapointed they didnt fix this as it was such an easy fix.

What i have noticed is my FPS in COD 4 , crysis and supreme commander has increase by 4-5 points.

Has anyone had this FPS boost or is it just my imagination?
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  1. Absolutey nothing in games. I have even run a test on 3d mark 2006, the results was 30 points worse than catalys 8.6.
  2. Youre gonna need to run 5 full runs of 3dmark in a row and take the median of the scores to get an accurate number. Ive ran Vantage and gotten like P8840, then ran it again the next day and got P9017.
  3. 30 points out of tens of thousands is insignificant. My temps dropped about 8C but I don't leave it up to the auto control, I just set it to a fixed speed.
  4. My Overdirve menu went away in CCC, think it's because I'm using a 6 pin to 8 pin adapter for it. Oh well, now I'll have to use AMD GPU Clock tool to OC.
  5. Yea if youre using an adapter instead of the straight real plug overdrive wont be enabled.
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