Corsair or Antec?

I'm currently looking at some new power supplies as my current (ha!) one is starting to fail. At this point, I've narrowed my decision down to either an Antec Basiq 550W for $60 with free shipping on newegg and no mail-in rebate, or a Corsair 550W for $65 AFTER a $25 mail-in rebate and also free shipping. They both have up to 85% efficiency and are SLI ready. The Antec has modular cabling but I really don't care either way about that. The Corsair model has a single 41A 12V rail, while the Antec has 2 22A 12V rails and a third with 25A. I feel like Corsair is a better brand, but don't much care for mail-in rebates and if they're both just as good I'd rather get the less expensive one without filling out any forms and waiting 10 weeks for a check. Any thoughts on which one is the better choice? Thanks
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  1. I like Corsair's OEM not sure who Antec's is.

    I don't believe either manufacturers their own PSU's, so quality is going to vary by model.... (I know Corsair doesn't, Antc I haven't researched in a while)

    Anyhow, I don't really have an answer for you as I never had any issues with the Antecs I used.
  2. they both make quality psu's. just buy whichever is cheaper.
  3. I believe Cosair has better quality in psu than Antec.

    But personally I would pick Antec, due to my past customer service with them.
    About a year ago, my Antec TruePower 550watts failed. Antec mail me a brand new Antec Triopower 550watts within a week with no questions asked.
  4. ^+1. Corsair unless there is like a $40 difference.
  5. firstly im sure that Corsair make there own PSU's even if it is FABbed somewhere else, becasue they make unique PSU's. which in my opinion are some of the finest. the best part is it actually has a single 12V rail rather than multiple which end up dying.

    i imagine that corsair would have a premium over Antec but i would pay it any day.
  6. They're both made by seasonic so it doesn't really matter. modular cabling is nice so my vote goes to antec.
  7. Does NewEgg still have the PC Power & Cooling 610 on sale with free shipping for $80 USD?
    If so you can't buy a better unit and the 610's are 49Amp/12Volt constant (not surge) rated.
  8. they're both good brands, i think it's what tier of PSU's you want, as antec's and corsairs make PSU's from tier 1-3

    here's an updated list of PSU tiers.
  9. The Corsair VX Series is Made by ChannelWell which is good not as good as the Corsair HX Series which is made by Seasonic.
    (I think the 450VX is still a Seasonic, but I could be wrong.)

    Antec's EarthWatts Line was made by Seasonic as well, but one a base model that was just one step below what was used for the HX Series for Corsair.

    Antec is in the process of switching their EarthWatts's to Delta from Seasonic but they are not changing the Model Numbers. I can't say what will happen to the quality. They are adding a "D" to the model numbers on a few things but not everyplace. So just because you don't see a "D" in the model name does not mean you may not get a Delta.

    At this point, I think Corsair is the safer bet until Reviews are out on the Delta Models.
  10. I'm using a Corsair after recently having an Antec fail and fry my entire system. I won't buy from them anymore.
  11. Thanks for your input, everyone. In the end, I have decided to order the Antec, since I am receiving the impression that although the Corsair is a bit higher in quality, they are both pretty good. Since I am not even sure if I will be running SLI (I currently have one video card and am pretty happy with it) and do not plan on doing any intense overclocking or overloading it with tons of hard drives or fans or very high-end video cards. I'd really rather not to have to worry about the mail-in rebate, especially when its over a third of the price of the product.
  12. great choice my antec comes today its a 650w unit cant wait for it to come in its a neopower 650 blue with modular cabling =]
  13. good choice! antec and both corsair r very good brands but i personally like the antec earthwatt series better because there very efficient and the voltage r very stable and dont fluctuate to much.
  14. I have an Antec true power 650 and Antec Neo 480 and they both have performed great for the last few yrs. The 650 is powering my current rig of two 3870's in crossfire. Two WD raptors. Phenom 9850BE OC'd to 2.9Ghz . 4 gig of ddr2 1066. All in an Antec 900 case pushing all those fans. It has not let me down once in the last year I've been running it. Hope this helps with your brand selection.
  15. my antec is beastly my processor is now stable at 2.8ghz, my old apevia 520 could barely keep 2.6 stable.
  16. Just looking at actual power, the Corsair would have been the better buy.
    The BP550 can only provide a combined +12v output of 384 watts or 32 amps, the TX550 can put out 41 amps.
    The Antec Basiq line uses a Fortron oem, unless someone has opened a BP550 and proven otherwise.
  17. wow, i didnt know seasonic made other people PSU's thats proberly why they have scaled back there own brand equipment.

    still think corsair are better, just becasue tehy are made by the same people doesnt mean its the same compoents or spec.
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