Upgrade: GTX260 SLI or 4870X2 CFX

I plan to upgrade my card and PSU in the next two months
my option are two GTX260 or two 4870X2. But will 4870X2 be out in the next two months?

And what about the heat on 4870X2?
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  1. 4870x2 is out on 15th august.
    if you can edit two lines of a text document ur 4870x2 will run at 50 celsius.
    2 4870x2 will kick 2 gtx 260 @sses in games the scale and probably still beat them in games that dont scale well at all.
  2. 1, 4870x2 - or 2, 4870x2 if you plan to get a 30" display.

    read benchmarks and draw your own conclusions about any other details that matter to you. But gtx260 doesn't remotely compare to a 4870x2 on price, performance, thermals, or really much of anything.
  3. and u should get a quality 750 w + PSU
  4. Do you mean GTX280? the 280 would be a little more comparable to the 4870x2 than a gtx260.
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