Cooling fan for 8800gt

i need a good colling fan for my 8800gt, any suggestions???
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  1. You have these choices:

    1-after market cooler.

    2-use rivatuner and just adjust the fan speed to higher.
    my fan works always at 45% i get 50c idle. while at load it runs at 75% n maintain 70c

    3- Update the video BIOS with one that will change the fan speed based on temp. EVGA, XFX, BFG have fixes.
  2. Artic Cooling Accelero S2 is awesome.
  3. evongugg said:
    Artic Cooling Accelero S2 is awesome.

    Especially if you rig a big quiet fan to it. Or you could just buy the turbo module fans for $8 I believe. Those are quiet as well since I own both.
  4. Or Duo Orb.

    Anyway here's the deal with these coolers installed on an XFX 8800 GT XXX Alpha Dog Edition.

    The problem is Thermaltakes instructions or the parts included, now I know they made these before the GT's came out but I've read numerous times they fit all 8800's GT's included.

    They give you 2 sets of hex shaped studs to mount the cooler. One set is a bit taller than the other. You choose the set you need based on what card you have. The tall ones are for all 8800's and the short ones are for all the other cards it fits.

    Well if you follow the instructions as written the cooler will NOT contact the GPU on an 8800 GT. The tall studs are too long and the short ones if you use them will distort and probably damage the card if you tighten the nuts.

    The solution was to use the short studs and put the plastic washers, that are supposed to be under the nuts, between the studs and video card.

    The instructions clearly show these plastic washers on the back side of the card not on the front side, but the front side is where I had to put them.

    So for a GT you have to use the "wrong studs" and put the washers in the "wrong place"

    The good part of all this is my temps at load haven't gone over 50*C.

    MUCH cooler and quieter than the stock cooler 8800GT.
  5. I had a Zalman VF-900 on my 8800gt. Idle @42, load never over 60.
  6. hey guys. can you help me. i have a small doubt that is an a way related to this topic.

    i have an intel core 2 duo 1.86 ghz processor with an intel 946z motherboard. i'm planning to buy the EVGA GeForce 8800GT Superclocked DDR3 512MB. my ATX cabinet has one fan on the back and two on the side. Do i need a separate cooling option if i buy the card>>
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